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Baoji fuchuan solar energy equipment co., LTD., registered in 2005, a new, form a complete set of photovoltaic technology, main equipment, single crystal furnace, furnace refractory metal components of professional manufacturers.In recent years, SDFC has a unique technical advantage and market competitiveness, and has become a leading company in the industry.To be a global leader in the photovoltaic equipment industry.We are focused on the high temperature resistant metal materials needed for optovolt industry equipment, key components and equipment technology development in the furnace, open frontier market.The only way we can go is to innovate and build our own brands in the face of increasingly competitive markets and increasingly innovative technologies.We focus on the world's leading technologies and develop new energy, especially around the potential of solar energy.In this way, we have achieved fruitful results and won customers both at home and abroad.All employees of Sdfc are dedicated to the development of solar energy in the world with great enthusiasm, service and customers.